Saturday, June 20, 2009

In Which We Honor John Hodgman And Celebrate AMC In A Black Cocktail Dress

In honor of Mr. Hodgman's ass-kicking at the Radio and Television Correspondents' Association dinner tonight, one of my favorite Maddow videos of all time. Please to enjoy: Maddow and PC.

The aforementioned ass-kicking from J.H.

And, also from tonight's dinner, via Twitpic and Ana Marie Cox:

Oh my. Mr. Ana Marie Cox, Chris Lehmann, is a very lucky man.


  1. awesome ana marie pic

    and i loved john's speech..nerds RULE!

  2. Saw the speech and John was quite good! Even The Prez brought a lil of the funny. He's improving...

    Thanks for the Air America clip - hooray for the geeks and nerds!

    Been catching any of the Iran events unfolding on twitter? Remarkable.

    Fun post - thanks!

  3. AMC is guest hosting rachel's show this friday.

    now we know what the "flirting" has been all about. AMC's a climber. Wants her own show.