Friday, June 5, 2009

In Which I Take Credit Where It Is Not Due. Probably.

On Wednesday Ana Marie Cox made a "Lord of the Flies" reference, which was awesome. But pronounced conch, as, well, "conch," instead of "conk." So I fired off this Tweet:

On tonight's show, she made a point of pronouncing it "conk." Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

Ok, people, I need more than one nomination for an "O Fortuna" replacement. Thanks Sabrina. Your nomination did indeed scare the shit out of me. Per Sabrina:


  1. She probably got the tweet and corrected herself ;)

  2. Oh, you can totally claim that one. If nothing else, you're one of a team of dedicated conch supporters.

    Also, leather jacket!

  3. Conch,

    CLEARLY, not a coincidence!