Friday, June 12, 2009

In Which I Do Not Have It In Me To Try To Be Entertaining. Sorry.

Seriously, ya'll, it has been a week. Hopefully something in tomorrow night's show will flip a switch in me. Gah. I do have a few things to say: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) is awesome, plus I am a complete sucker for a little lisp. And he used the word "iteration." And he's married to a marine biologist. How cool is that? Also, regarding Kent's list of rare and unusual majors, my beloved Little Conch is majoring in LGBT and Gender Social Justice. I know, right? She says she wants to run the gay world, and those of you who know her do not doubt it. She is a force. Not that I'm proud or anything. Here's a picture of her in action: (She's the one writing)

Here she is at her leisure, with her BFF, Nick The Opera Singer and some Rosie look alike with whom I am unfamiliar:

I am a dead woman. If this post is down tomorrow, you'll know why.


  1. You're not quite a dead woman, but I still think you should have used the other picture of me. And I like being called "a force". :)

  2. I inadvertantly yelled out my daughter's nickname at her 8th grade graduation. I thought I was a dead woman, too. Thankfully, 14 year olds have poor short term memory. You, too, shall survive!

    Gorgeous and smart - your girl has it all! You have every right to post pics and be a proud mommah! Nice post, CEP.

  3. BTW, at the risk of showing my iner geek, I gotta say I was quite pleased to hear the use of the word "iteration" as well...wordnerds unite! ;)

  4. Hi MP. It's summer!!! Yay for teachers! Thanks for the compliments of LC, but I take no credit. Well, maybe a little credit. :) Yesterday we met Urvashi Vaid, former E.D. of the Nat'l Gay and Lesbian Task force, current E.D. of the Arcus Foundation, and partner to comedian Kare Clinton. And my kid told her she was going to take her job! Urvhashi was very cool, and LC and she talked about Urvashi speaking at an event baby girl is planning.