Monday, June 8, 2009

In Which I Read Playboy For The Articles

I followed an Ana Marie Cox tweet link to an article on DADT this afternoon. Imagine my delight when I found this banner:


Umm, ahh, err...what? Oh, sorry. The article is good too.

Tonight, I may actually write a substantive post. And then again, maybe I won't.


  1. Uh, yeah...for the articles, huh? ;) I am feeling rather lazy and may do a non-substantive post tonight...maybe I will feel like I am more of a person of substance by the weekend? One can only hope. Is it summer vacation yet???

  2. Gosh, one would freakin' hope so...let me check the calendar. Oh, dude, it's only June 8? I could have sworn that July 4th was around the corner. When you gettin' out?

  3. okay, so I read the article too LOL...

    I remember watching a documentary on FDR and he did some amazing things as President but his Presidency will never be a 'great' one for me because he did nothing to support the anti-lynching legislation despite a push from his wife. He bascially said that he would lose support with white voters in the South - his political capital was more important than addressing this terrible moral and human rights issue.

    I, feel like Obama - by putting DADT and torture on the back-burner, he also ignoring the major human rights issues of his time.

  4. Sabrina, I could not agree more with the FDR point. Well said. But, I would have to say as a lesbian, that DADT, or gay marriage cannot compare with lynchings. The torture stuff comes close. Regardless, I am very disappointed.

    Also, laughing at myself for leaving the cursor pointer in the AMC screen capture. At least I could have had it pointing to the pants. I'm such a dork.

    A friend proposed today that the BFF and I move into together, and sell subscriptions to a 24/7 DorkCam. Seriously, last night we grilled, left the sliding glass door open, and because we both have severe asthma, we nearly killed ourselves!

  5. Your non-BFF "friend" (read air quotes) expects royalty payment should the DorkCam idea turn profitable.

  6. Well..I guess I worded it wrong but you get what I was at least trying to say ;)

  7. worded nothing wrong. And I really appreciate your frequent comments.