Friday, June 12, 2009

In Which The Maddow Demonstrates Her Sitcom Potential

Rachel was bringing the funny tonight, so I don't have to. I love Fridays on TRMS. Her first sitcom take is after the "smoking lettuce" Holy Mackerel story:

But her finest moment comes in her remarks about House Minority Leader Boehner:

And to top it all off, a DorkFactor moment with props!

DorkFactor of 8.8. 1.6 level of difficulty for managing two props simultaneously.


  1. Yes, this episode was a treat all around. Also, not only did she say "New Zealand" (where I live) in a funny what-kind-of-a-name-is-New-Zealand way, but she also said the Internet "is not a big truck, it is a system of tubes," which is like totally one of my favourite memes.

  2. I want to wish Kent Happy Birthday!! haha..

    She was so cute last night, plus I loved her shirt. I have never seen it before, so I think it's new. ;)

    I also love the new segment 'Moment of Geek', it was so cute and geeky - I couldn't stop smiling like an idiot.

    okay, aside from my constant squeeing, I'd like to mention something substantive - I shaked my head when I found out about that Congressman that went to China and proclaimed that they could not trust the US - nice way to represent! LOL...It makes no sense why he did that because he's supposed to present his country in the best light possible.

    What surprised me even more was that we owe China so much money! know, it made me think about these Wars that Obama wishes to continue and how much more money it's going to take and where we are going to get it from. I think Congress approved like billions of dollars for it! :0

    How come Republicans complain about the money Obama is going to spend with the stimulus AT HOME but don't care for the money he will spend fighting wars? I'd rather have our money invested in education and other reasources than wasted away in senseless wars. :/

  3. Yeah, our Rache definitely brings the funny. Could a sitcom be far behind??? And I, too, love the Moment of Geek, being a colossal geek myself...

    Sabrina, you are absolutely correct when it comes to the inane rationale of the GOP regarding stimulus spending. They seem to turn a blind eye when it comes to the giant sucking sound that is the wars. School budgets being cut, single-payer health care isn't even on the table anymore, and the Grand Obstructionist Party continues to blather on...

    Great post, CEP. Love the clips - thanks for those. See ya round the "intertubes," Sistah!