Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Can't Make This Shit Funny, People

When I started writing this blog a few months ago, it was born of a spirit of optimism. We had a new Democratic President, we had a laundry list of progressive reforms that our Democratic super-majority in Congress was going to pass in a matter of months, the horrific years of the Bush-Cheney Presidency were behind us, and we had a new, liberal, out, (hot) lesbian with her own TV show to do the play-by-play of our domination.

Yeah. That didn't happen.

What a disappointment the Democrats are. Do they really think they can save their collective asses by dialing back on their promises? Maybe I'm a naive idiot, but isn't bucking "business as usual" the only way to stay in office in an anti-incumbent environment? Go all-in, dare the Republicans to run against your list of accomplishments. If the Republicans beat you, well, hell, isn't that what democracy is about? At least your conscience will be clear; you will have done your best, you will have kept your electoral promises.

But, now that I'm really thinking about it, you're right, you clever Dems, you. Presenting yourselves as spineless, toadying, do-nothings is a much better bet. Are you supposing that we who elected you were just kidding? That we will send you back to not do it again? What is it that I don't understand about your job? What about it is so awesome that you are willing to sell your souls to keep it? You have heard the phrase, "the courage of your convictions," right?

Yesterday @ChrisHayes of The Nation tweeted, (I paraphrase) "I wish I had a different psychological constitution so that I wasn't so affected by things beyond my control." Ditto. It is no longer fun for me to write about politics in America. Not even about hot news pundits in America.

Like Rachel, I am in despair. Unlike her, I'm packing it in. To anyone out there still listening, thanks for keeping me company.