Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In Which...I Got Nothin'

See over there, just to the right of this post, where I say that sometimes I might "just want to dish about girls?" Tonight is one of those nights. But first, a couple of comments:

Did you ever think you might feel sorry for George W? Me neither. I think most of us assumed that he was just stupid, not evil, like say Cheney...or apparently, Rumsfeld. Now it seems as though he wasn't just a goober, but these guys may have really played him. I liked it better when I just hated him.

Secondly, how much do you love Col. Wilkerson? Seriously, dude is my new pretend boyfriend. Ew. I just made myself a little sick, but you know what I mean.

Regarding the 10k offered to the people on the Hudson River crash, (btw, how much does Rachel love saying, "Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger?") do you remember a couple of years ago when the cruise ship sank off Greece? My second mom, ShirleyMOM, was on that ship, and she barely got the cruise line to reimburse her for her lost belongings. I think they settled on $1400. Can you believe that?

So...dishing about girls. This is one of my favorite pictures of Rachel, courtesy Facebook, via MaddowFans.

And this one; same place.

And my umm, interests, (No, NOT obsessions. Seriously, what is wrong with you people?) are not limited to the Maddow. Sigh. The lovely, smart, funny Emma.

But it may have all started here:

For those too young to know that that is Kristy McNichol, I hate you.


  1. She's pretty, but who IS Kristy McNichol? (Sorry, you know I had to do it.)

  2. And now, I hate you. This is the problem when you have friends that are mere children. (You know I had to do it.) Miss you. I could use your eye whilst house hunting.

  3. So, no comment on Ana Marie Cox being rescued on the AmTrak by Greta van Sustren? Seriously, I'm glad AMC is okay, but how bizarre is that! If it had been Maddow instead of van Sustren it would be straight out of the dorkiest depths of fanfiction.

    Not that I know anything about the dorkiest depths of fanfiction. Heavens no.