Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In Which, I Know That Place!

"ConchExPat," you query, "why an Olbermann clip here in Maddow Land?" "Ahh," I answer, "because I know that place!" (see above)

While it is known here by my own admission that I am a Key West native, it is less known that I went to high school in Jacksonville, FL, where I lived right down the street from Clark's Fish Camp! I know! Amazing! Or maybe not that amazing. Chuck Clark and I had the same bustop. (This brush with greatness is giving you goosebumps, isn't it?) As far as 'gators go, one tried to eat my dog. Really. She had hundreds of stitches. And a great story to tell at parties! Hi Happy! You were a great dog. Miss you.

Just before TRMS came on tonight, I was on Jonathan Turley's blog, and I was just starting to read the post on the strange bedfellows of Olson and Bois. The phone rang, and I was trying to explain to my friend, from California, and STILL married, about the Bush guy taking on gay marriage rights. I had to repeat myself several times, and then we discussed the "what's the catch" angle that Rachel mentioned. Could it be that Olson is simply well-intentioned?
No props or DorkFactor moments tonight. Although the "FBI Wiretapping Theatre" thing itself was dorky, Rachel herself was not on camera being a dork, so it does not count. And no, I have not misunderstood the rules! I WROTE the rules! That's right. Mmmhmm.

As of today, in a little shy of three months since She Started It! launched, we had our 3,000th hit. Man, is my carpal tunnel acting up these days. All that clicking, loading the page over and over. Seriously, thanks for those of you that have been reading. All both of you.


  1. Aw, come on, there are at least three of us. :P Thanks for all your hard work. It's a really fun blog.

    Once again, half the people at the Huffington Post are freaking out over this, convinced that Olson is sneakily trying to bring gay marriage up in front of a hostile Supreme Court so that it'll get struck down or even banned. It sounds like the ACLU and other groups are worried that Olsen & Bois are badly timed and might trigger a setback. And certain Democrats appear to be mad at gay rights activists - kind of a "Leave Obama alone!" thing.

    Personally, I'm cautiously optimistic. The whole thing seems to be picking up momentum all at once, and as sucky as Prop 8 is, I think the legally-married gay couples in California are going to slowly but surely push things to a tipping point. And once again, Rachel's exactly the kind of person we want on the front lines. Exciting times.

  2. Hi Yank! Thanks. I agree that we are in exciting times. I was watching last night's episode with the BFF, and I turned and looked at her and said, "It's going to happen, you know. Much earlier than I ever expected." (marriage equality) I know it with a certainty. This particular legal offering may not do it, but something is definitely going to. I feel an inevitability about it. Now I just have to find someone to marry. :)

  3. I thought I was your BFF....didn't see you sitting next to me during the Red Wings Western Conference Championship final!!!

  4. It's a great blog, unique concept! Keep up the good work.

    Plus, it's nice to come to one of the few places on the internet blogosphere these days where Rachel is appreciated...there's so much negativity these days on the left concerning her, it shocks me. It's okay to disagree with her but some of their concerns confuse me like crazy. They were all over her about Sotomayor because Rachel pointed out that she wasn't a liberal...somehow that shows that Rachel is AGAINST Obama. That's so silly...CLEARLY they haven't watched her show in the past week properly because it's not like Rachel was bashing Obama because of that nor was it like she was putting Sotomayor down - infact she defended her and presented the facts as opposed to the lies the Right was spreading. She defended her every night.

    Amazing...I feel like I watch a different show.

  5. Hey, congrats on the hits! I aspire to such greatness, CEP! I, too, find it refreshing to visit a place where Rachel is appreciated, Sabrina! She really has been defending the nomination, but has been objective as well. I, for one, would like to know Madame Soon-to-Be Justice's views on choice, prayer in public school, gay marriage, etc. I guess we'll all find out soon post - loved the "brush with greatness"!

  6. Thanks everybody. Especially you, ANONYMOUS. I'm not surprised by the hits from the left. She's always said she'll disagree on policy with Obama. And I agree, she was defending Sotomayor every night. I don't have a problem with fair criticism, but, whether you're talking about Sonia, or Rachel, or anybody else, let's can the personal remarks.