Saturday, May 30, 2009

In Which I Try Bigotry On For Size

It's common knowledge that fat people are stupid. It is irrefutable. Bald men are impotent and hit their wives. Men over 60 are inevitably ruled by the vagaries of their prostate, precipitating irrational behavior, violent rages, and homosexual acts.

Well, that felt good. I feel so powerful. Some people actually enjoy treating people this way? What I want to know is: besides the crackpots who are saying this shit, who thinks it's ok to make personal remarks about Judge Sotomayor? She's abrasive, she's schoolmarmish, (read unattractive) she lacks intellect, and my personal favorite, she is a slave to her menstrual cycle. Unfuckingbelievable! Good for Sen Cornyn (R-TX) for calling bullshit on this...bullshit. It's almost as if many of those on the right think that being in the minority gives them license to be unprofessional, unkind, and make remarks beyond the pale of political discourse. Keep it up, assholes, and you will soon be reliving your glory days. You know, way back in May of 2009, when 25% of Americans identified as Republican.

ETA: Despite the picture on the clip above, I have edited out Mr. Limbaugh's statement. So it is safe (relatively) for your viewing. You are welcome. This is a Rush-free zone.

To cleanse your palate, a moment of adorkable squared:


  1. God, the comment which talked about her menstruating made me go WTF? It was sick.

    on a lighter note...OMG I adored her interview with the spelling bee winner, Rachel was SOO CUTE and very modest, oh come on! She's just as smart as that girl :P

  2. I consider myself an excellent speller, but I spelled "ergasia" wrong. God, I love a smarty-pants. And she's ALMOST as smart as that girl. :)