Monday, May 4, 2009

In Which We Find Sen. Sessions To Be Scary, But Familiar

Today, after some creative wrangling, it was announced that Sen. Sessions (R-AL)would now be the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee. You know, the committee that the Supreme Court nominee will have to face. This same Sessions was denied a judgeship in the mid-eighties because he was considered "racially insensitive."

I grew up primarily in Key West, but I went to high school in Jacksonville, Fl. And while it has been a few years, let me tell you, it was a racist environment. A KKK group actually met out in the open, at one of the public high schools. Just like the PTA, or Adult Ed. The most scandalous thing about that? Hardly anybody thought it was scandalous. I am not surprised in the least by the racist charges the Sen. Sessions faced when he was nominated by Reagan for a U.S. District judgeship twenty-plus years ago. I suspect he was very surprised to discover that his views were not the prevailing ones. (You have to watch the clip above to see Ted Kennedy unleash a little whup-ass.) The "good 'ol boy" network, of which Sessions appeared to be a member, was alive and well in the mid-eighties. Probably still is, but as I am no longer an eyewitness to the Bubba-ism of the South, I can only surmise.

Sessions new committee position will please the far right conservatives. And I think of him as a shining beacon of the Southern GOP that has hijacked conservatism, taking the Republican Party with it. Does someone with such a dreadful ideological past, or for that matter, ideological present, belong on the committee that will decide the fate of a Supreme Court Nominee nominated by an African-American President? What if the nominee is African-American? Hispanic? Female? The nominee will undoubtedly be pro-choice. Sen. Sessions is most decidedly not.

Perhaps Sen. Sessions learned from his failed judgeship nomination all those years ago, and can remove his right-wing, uber-conservative ideology from the process. Right about the same time those monkeys fly out of my ass.

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