Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In Which, Really Norm Coleman?

I started off seriously tonight, searching for some independent ratings on judges. I'm sure they exist, but once I found this quote in The Minnesota Independent, I was done:
Not to be outdone, former Sen. Norm Coleman sent out a confident-sounding statement of his own on the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the United States Supreme Court. Just as Democratic Party rival Al Franken said he looks “forward to joining my colleagues as we examine Judge Sotomayor’s qualifications,” Coleman assumed an air of inevitability, stating that “when” he’s re-elected, he’ll apply the same standard for a “Democrat” nominee as he would’ve under a Republican president.
If it weren't so pathetic it would be awesomely funny. Oh, wait a minute, it IS awesomely funny. In a desperate, needy, schadenfreude-ian way.

And so is this: (awesomely funny, that is)
DorkFactor of 7.5.

And more props:
No DorkFactor here, more of a "coolness quotient."

Also, how much does Rachel love saying, "Sotomayor?"


  1. haha...Coleman, GO AWAY! He's such a sore loser and an annoying person :P

    Oh and yes, I think Rachel *does* love saying Sotomayor :P I thought her coverage of the matter was very extensive to say the least, LOL...she talked about pretty much EVERY right-wing reaction. She de-bunked all their talking points :)

    Too bad, the rest of the media didn't do the same - I had switched over to CNN during the commercial break and there was some republican spokesperson LOL saying how her background will INFLUENCE her decisions, blah blah blah. God, what a waste of air time. EVERYONE use their life experiences at some point in their lives to determine their choices either in the workplace or outside. I can't believe such silliness is taken seriously in the same of 'balanced coverage'. :P

    Oh, and the flashlight was CREEPY! :P

    but there was something better than the flashlight - RACHEL GOT A HAIRCUT :P YAY! LOL.

  2. I also noticed the haircut! She should definitely stay with short sleek hair - the less "fluffiness" the better. I wish they'd let her go shorter, actually.

    Oh yeah, and her analysis of Sotomayor was quite cogent and insightful. ;)

  3. Yes, I agree with you both, her hair looks better shorter. And regarding her analysis of Sotomayor...she was talking, too?

  4. Hee. Yes, talking while furrowing her brow and circling words with a pencil. It is so cute when she does that.

    I love it - potential major leap forward in women's liberation and we're all like OMG HAIRCUT!

  5. ^^ HAHA....yea really.

    That was the *first* thing I noticed - her hair LOL - everything else comes second.

  6. Hee hee, gotta admit, I noticed the cut, too! Rather silly, but, hey, even us serious politicos can have a little fun amidst the issues of the day, true???
    Now, Norm just needs to sit down and process..."What are the odds of reelection, really???" He needs a good and trusted friend to give him a reality check! Wait, he may not have any of those folks left after his nonsense...
    And Rachel isn't doing much to lessen my Little Man's serenading us all with "O, Fortuna!" all around the house. The Hubby made it worse and downloaded the damn thing onto the boy's iPod. Ya haven't lived until your 9 year old has started chanting that piece every time you make a statement...he thinks he's hilarious...