Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa's been a week since my last post. (Sorry. You can take the girl out of the Catholic school, but you can't take all the Catholic brainwashing out of the girl. Thanks, Sister Michael Anthony!) Life, policy debates, and vitriol have conspired into a perfect storm of general ennui.

You may remember me writing about my friend with terminal stomach cancer. (This picture was taken in June, if I remember correctly.) This weekend we moved her to a residential hospice. Kind of brings the debate on health care reform into sharp relief. Perhaps we should have taped the circus of trying to get her admitted, and then trying to figure out how to pay for it, and send it to the ConservaDems. And this is for a woman who has insurance, and works for the federal government. Let's show them a tape of my friend, slowed by pain and medication, trying to use a calculator to figure out if she has enough money for hospice. Let me repeat that: FOR HOSPICE!!! So, I do not care to debate the finer points of health care reform. Instead, look! A prop! Shiny!

Rachel was on Andrea Mitchell yesterday to discuss Afghanistan and race. Here's her tweet about it:

I will say it again. It's been a year now, let Rachel dress how she wants to. And wear the glasses. However, it will undoubtedly cause a shortage in black western shirts. Don't the cowboys ever wear, say, red?


  1. I'm sure they do, but the other cowboys laugh at them, so they revert to basic black... ;)

    So sorry to hear about your friend. The last thing she needs is to have to struggle over care. Ridiculous. All the more reason for folks like you and me to speak out, Girl.

    The politico household always loves a good hat on our girl, and the razorback is a classic. Very few people can pull off that look, y'know.

    Great post, Girlfriend. Am working on one right now that you'll want to see...hope to finish up tonight, God willing (there goes that Catholic girl again!, so take a look tomorrow. You might find a surprise!

  2. Surprise indeed! Thank you, MP. The compliments mean a lot coming from you.

    I have updated this post to include a picture of my friend that's sick. Here's a happy story about her: she wants to go to one last Cubs game. (She's a fanatic) The drs say she can't fly, so she's going via limo. About a 3 hour trip one way. Now that's the way to go to a game! (ok, so it's sad and happy)

  3. Having watched the money-enough-to-pay-for-hospice debate only to then hold the hand of someone I dearly loved as they passed away I give you both my sympathy and my empathy.
    I can't know what this is like for you but I know it hurt like a bitch for me and pissed me the f*ck off.
    I'm sorry both that someone who sounds like a vibrant and wonderful human being is facing the end of her life and I am sorry for the pain of those left behind.

    In short this f*cking sucks and there's no real getting around that fact and I'm sorry it happens.

  4. lefty, yes it does fucking suck, and I am very pissed off, at everything and everybody. And my heart is broken. And thank you for getting it.

  5. so sorry about your friend. the day we spend untold billions on taking care of our people instead of bombing others, will be the day all the suffering of those such as she will have meant something. viva la outrage. shame on congress. shame on big insurance. shame on us for no revolution.

  6. Dear Anonymous, Are you single? :) I want to marry a revolutionary.

    Seriously, getting arrested for civil disobedience is on my life list. And I think my daughter is going to beat me to it.

  7. Honey, I'm so revolutionary I don't believe in marriage! Lol. Just another construct of The Man. (laughing hysterically)

    Universal everything.

    No hoarding money, property, alleged power over others, etc. Can you imagine? It's all an illusion anyway. Our money isn't backed up by anything tangible! LOL. Big lie. so why keep supporting the lie. Everyone should stop paying their mortgages and insurance premiums. Make them beg.

    Every human being born has an equal right to a share of the Earth's resources. The only reason for deprivation and suffering of any kind is human greed fed by the concepts of amassing wealth in these artificial ways, and hoarding it.

    I want nothing less than the 90% of humanity that is not getting their fair "share" to go on strike in every way and not participate in the lie, the game that enslaves us.

    Power to the peeps!! And not the marshmallow ones, either.

  8. And what do you have against marshmallow peeps, exactly? Peeps deserve a piece of the marshmallow pie. I will permit no peepists here.

  9. peeps ARE a piece of the marshmallow pie, and should be enjoyed as such, dipped in chocolate, i say.
    maybe they will be a little less "styrofoam gel rolled in industrial coarse sugar" that way.

    Choco-Peeps for all! Viva la revolution! Viva la peeps! Viva la Peeples Republic!

    and I haven't even been drinking.