Friday, September 25, 2009

In Which I Didn't See That One Coming

And I would be surprised if Rachel did either.

Dressed as above, chic, indeed. (looks like a shot from the Advocate cover shoot.) For realsies though, I'm not so sure:

I'm not sure what it says about me, but I think the second one is hotter. Probably for self-referential reasons.


  1. The first one, definitely a staged shoot. Not very natural. The second one? Real life. And real life always trumps pretense. Besides, I think I have the same shirt in dark blue...does that make me stylish? If so, it'll be the first time in my life! ;)

    I get that Rachel has to wear her "grow-up lady clothes" for work and such, 'cuz I have to, too, but the best pictures of me and of my friends are when we are wearing what makes us most comfortable with ourselves. And it doesn't seem to matter much whether it's a cute dress for one, or jeans, baseball cap, sneaks and Ts for others (yours truly!), but we're all a lot happier in the clothes that make us feel confident and comfortable about who we are.

    Once a tomboy, always a tomboy. After 12 years of Catholic School skirts, of course I live in jeans! :) I'm with you, CEP. Shot 2 looks like the Rachel I'd like to have a drink and talk politics with!

  2. RM doesn't actually look too amused in the photoshoot one. she might be about ready to tell the photographer to cut the crap.

    The second was is ridiculously cute cuz she's on her tippy toes for some reason and her legs look about a mile long. so cute.

    But my fave pic of the lovely Dr. is the one she did for GQ where she sort of glares at the camera like someone just said "republican." *sigh* so hot.

  3. Maybe the reason I don't have a real job is because I can't seem to dress like a grownup like you manage to do, MommaPolitico.

    The GQ shot is one of my favorite pictures, too. It has made its appearance here before. Twice, I think. Originally from NYT, I think. MaddowFans is a wonderful repository of Maddow awesomeness, and I should paw through there and find a couple of new ones.

  4. yes, maddowfans is awesome. on the blog there's a pic of RM with her Mom from when Rachel appeared for a Mother Jones benefit over the summer. She towers over her Mom, so I'm guessing she gets her stature from her Dad.

  5. I know I'm in the minority but that black and white shot of her makes my knees go a little weak. I think it's the 40's/50's classically butch look but it could just be that I love her in suspenders.