Saturday, September 5, 2009

In Which That Red Haired Girl Did A Real Nice Job!

If you're here, you are probably a fan of Ana Marie Cox. She finally got her chance at the big girl's desk tonight! Last time she was scheduled, Michael Jackson had the poor taste to die, bumping AMC. (This just in: MJ still dead. Yahoo headline today stated, "Some weeping at Michael Jackson's funeral." Wow. Crying at a funeral. Newsworthy, for sure.)

Tonight I'm just gonna be a fangirl, and write about AMC's big day. I thought she did a pretty good job. Rocky at points, with some nerves showing through. It's Kent, not Keith. But here's the awesome thing: I could just see how she would be with her own show. She shows a different kind of snarkiness from Rachel. A little more bitter. Which I love. When Alison Stewart fills in, she does an admirable job, but I still hear Rachel. I didn't with Ana. I have no idea how these things work, but she sounded like she writes, so maybe she wrote a bunch of her own stuff. Give her a chance to work out the nerves, and I think she would be awesome on her own MSNBC show. Like at maybe, 10pm. I'm just saying. I was hoping for some post-show Twittering, with a few "Gahs!," but she's probably celebrating with one of the bottles of scotch from Rachel's bottom desk drawer

I do have to say that it irritates me a lot that The Maddow's wardrobe has to get femmed up, while Ana Marie can get away with wearing the blazer and the vintage T, because she doesn't have to overcompensate for The Gay to make her palatable to an American viewing public. I think by now that Rachel has proven her appeal, and should be able to wear her black, western, shiny, shirts if she wants to. And her glasses. Any of the 14 pairs she has in circulation will do.


  1. AMC isn't really a "broadcast" person. She doesn't have the voice or even the breath! Maybe some voice/vocal coaching. I'm sure she was plenty nervous and that had to effect her speaking so rapidly and rapid breathing. She doesn't anunciate all that well, either. Again,I think it was just nerves making her mispronounce stuff.

    There was a huge difference between the interview segements where she improvised and was more herself, and having to read off the teleprompter where she was pretty terrible.

    One huge difference between AMC and RM besides snark style is that RM is a natural both behind the mic and in front of the camera. AMC needs to really work on it.

  2. I think AMC has good potential, I think a lot of people like listening to what she has to say about topics (unlike most guest hosts) but she did seem to be really nervous while doing the bits before the interviews once she got someone to talk to she was fine.

    Hope she is the regular guest host(and that she practices the teleprompter thing more)

  3. I thought her main problem was speaking too quickly, which, of course, affects her enunciation. I recognize this, because Little Conch and I both do it. While her presence needs work, her pov is a little darker, which I enjoy.

  4. I think AMC did a decent enough job but shes way better as a guest. Not everyone can host a takes a special kindof talent. Rachel and Keith are so good at it, one of the reasons is because you cannot tell they are reading from a telepromter. They make it seem so natural.

    I loved her shirt btw..I wish Rachel would wear her own shirts over her jacket too..COME RACH!! Be more dykish PLZ! :)