Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In Which I Am Damn Sick And Tired Of The Haters

Socialism, Nazism, racism, 9-12ers, birthers, deathers, Fox News, Glenn Beck, Dick Armey, World Net Daily, can all suck it!!! I am so desperately tired of the health care reform debate hysteria that I can barely stand to watch TRMS anymore.

Other than the unfortunate choice of a mule rather than an elephant, that pretty well sums up the current political debate. On anything.

I am somewhat renewed by discussion below, in which Rachel interviews Mike Lux, the CEO of Progressive Strategies, who says what many of us have been thinking: much of this hysterical hatred of President Obama is racism. There are a whole lot of white people who cannot believe that they live in a country where a black man is in charge.

And thank God for Jimmy Carter, who weighed in on the subject yesterday:

When I was in high school in Jacksonville, the KKK was still meeting publicly at another Duval County High School. Monday-PTA, Tuesday-Latin Club, Wednesday-KKK!!!!! Clearly, Obama is an uppity black, who needs to be put in his place, except that the people who would usually "put him in his place" have no recourse against the leader of the free world. They can't stare him down in a restaurant, they can't bump him with their shoulder as they push past, they can't ignore him and take care of the white customer first. In short, they can scream and carry signs. So that's what they're doing. "You better watch yourself, boy," becomes, "Obama is Hitler." Let's call a spade a spade; (oh yes i did go there) it is ugly, troubling, terrifying racism. The last person who figures out that "that person" is a racist, is "that person."

h/t to my buddy Luke for the heads up on The Family Guy clip


  1. I'm sick of this so sick of hearing about that idiot Glenn Beck, that guy is on drugs or something.

    I wish we could have some rational discussions on the pros and cons of the bill like Lawrence O'Donnell said.

    *sigh* Is it Rachel and Keith's fault that they keep bringing up these guys? I dunno...all I know is that I just want some reasonable debate on this important issue. I'm sure there's some negative aspects to having a public option too..I've heard about the positive...I haven't heard of the negative yet expect that we will all turn into a Socialists or whatever.

  2. I do think that Rachel has good reason to mention Glenn Beck & Co as consistently as she does. It's because they have so much influence in the mainstream these days and can do so much damage by spreading misinformation. Keith Olbermann goes overboard with it, which is why I only like him in small doses. (Or when he's talking to Rachel - they're good together.)

    I do think that Rachel's a bit more interested in the political game and how politicians get things done, rather than having really in-the-weeds discussions about policy. She's done a good job of explaining the issue, but in the end, everything depends on the bill that makes it through Congress. Plus, there's a serious lack of experts on the right who will have an honest debate about policy - at least in the world of cable news.

  3. I, too, am sick of the haters, CEP. But say it ain't so, Joe - not watch Rachel??? How about with the sound down? Little Man's fave TV thing right now is to pause Rachel. She's so animated that it's great fun to see what expressions get frozen...could be a good drinking game, now that I think about it: name the expression you'll freeze after 15 seconds. Miss it? Drink up! ;)

    That must've been quite an experience growing up, CEP. I've been saying all along that it's all been veiled racism and coded language. But we are well past that point now. I hope I am wrong, but it seems to be only a matter of time before some crackpot attempts an assassination - they're being fed the ammo by Beck and the rest, and the blood will be on their hands. Even my own Senator, Barbara Boxer, tried to warn the GOP, pleading for someone from the right to step up and attempt to temper it all. But you saw their response, I am sure...

    And if the Dems in Congress don't start following Weiner and vote down anything without a public option, a real one, then God help us. The Hubby is so frustrated that he's ready to leave the party. I keep trying to tell him that it would just fuel what the GOP is trying to do. Hope he'll listen.

    Keep fighting the good fight, CEP. It's gotta get better than this. The whack-jobs are a small, vocal minority, and cooler heads are bound to prevail eventually. Besides, TRMS t's are coming out in October! Hooray for life's little victories. Great post, CEP.