Thursday, July 2, 2009

In Which We All Mutter, "Really, MSNBC?"

Seriously. Breaking news! MJ still dead. I have nothing to write about, so, as is usual in these circustances: gratuitious Maddow.

If I don't know who they are, I just crop 'em right out.

Rachel wears orange!

You can't really see her, but this picture cracks me up because she is dressed like nearly everyone I know.

Pictures all courtesy of MaddowFans.


  1. I am sad MJ died, and glad he left a will. He has children after all. But a solid week of coverage? I don't remember Princess Diana getting this much press. Of course, she wasn't quite the media oddity MJ was.

    I feel like we're time-warped back into the Bush Administration and living in an information vacuum.


  2. I miss our gal Rache, cuz nobody delivers news, snark and wonkiness like her. But sittin' here on the first day of my summer vacation, I can't begrudge her a fishing trip and some down time.
    I am so sick and friggin' tired of the MJ nonsense. I understand what an icon he was in the music biz, and I feel for his kids and family (maye not so much for his dad...)but I swear, there was less fuss over the Pope when he died! Sherri, an information vacuum is dead-on! That's exactly how I feel. Well put.
    And thanks, CEP, for the gratuitous Rachel shots. Very cool! Hang in there, Girls, Monday's a comin' and TRMS will be back to normal. Have a great 4th of July holiday!

  3. MSNBC has ruined her time slot...

    Can't wait till she comes back, enough of MJ.

    I love the guy but enough already.

  4. Amen, you guys. I mean blah-blah-blah-tragedy-cakes, but I do NOT need nightly updates to remind me that MJ died. And Sherri, I third the "information vacuum." Couldn't have said it better myself. know...obviously...didn't. So, thanks. :)

  5. Also, MP, your blog highlight thingie over there ---> is updated! At long last.

  6. I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually had to switch over to Fox News because unlike CNN and MSNBC - they were actually talking about other stuff. That's SAD LOL.

  7. oh dear lord. thc pic of rachel where she's wearing a baseball hat took my breath away. wow, she's soooo fine.

    nothing personal susan mikula, but i hate you if i can't be you. i want your woman!

  8. Yep. That picture of Rachel in the SF Giants hat is very...nice.

    Is it Monday yet?

  9. It's not monday yet and guess what, when I turned on MSNBC - MJ!! URGHHHHHHHH ....'the place for politics' my ass!

    I won't be watching ANYTHING on MSNBC till 9pm Monday night...I am so angry at them!! *grumbles*.