Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In Which We Respectfully Request That North Carolina Rein In Congresswoman Crazypants

Seriously, what are they putting in the Republican's Kool-Aid? Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) took the floor to decry the killing of senior citizens everywhere, as outlined by the President's health care plan. She, of the Mathew-Shephard's-death-wasn't-a-hate-crime-it-was-a-hoax fame. The most generous interpretation I can offer is, she's off her meds; my actual opinion, she is batshit crazy. To underscore the finer points of "batshit," I refer to this Wiktionary entry:
Adjective - batshit 1. (slang) Too irrational to be dealt with sanely. "Don't take any courses from that professor. She's completely batshit."
Adverb - 1. (slang) Used as an intensifier. "When we heard about it he went batshit nuts."
To clarify, I am using it adverbially. On a brighter note, the Republicans are making themselves unelectable. Except in North Carolina. And Texas.

Also, it's mine! My cute little house on the lake.


  1. That friggin' chick has got to go! She's a piece of work. It's an all-out race war in the Republican Party, and all bets are of. They are so desperate that they will do anything to get the Dems out of office. Okay, gotta take a breath, getting a little worked up here...

    But hooray for Rachel for putting on the heat and getting a couple of the Sprinting GOP track team to take a stand!

    And, boy, what a cute little house! Somebody take down that For Sale sign, 'cuz it's got an owner! Congrats, CEP!

  2. "Sprinting GOP Track Team" Nice one! Yeah, I went by the house after closing today, and there was a sold sign, but I didn't have my official photographer with me to record the event. I will have to have the SSI! photog take some pictures of the inside, 'cause it is awesome.

  3. I think the GOP is putting LSD or Oxycontin in their Koolaid.

    They are so batshit nuts that the men with the straight jackets and white uniforms need to come and take them away to the psych ward and lock them up in the padded rooms.

    They need some serious anti-psychotic drugs. We need to slip Thorazine into their Koolaid!

  4. Seriously, has the GOP always been this bad and I just haven't been paying attention, or have they taken it to a whole new level of crazy?

    And that house is adorable.

  5. Chris, absolutely they have taken it to a whole new level of crazy. SB, some Thorazine would probably even them out just enough to get them elected again.