Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In Which Forbes Recognizes The Power Of The Maddow

The Most Influential Women In Media Forbes July 14, 2009
No. 15: Rachel Maddow
"Maddow's eponymous cable talk/news/events show debuted last year and now regularly beats her CNN competitor, Larry King Live, in the ratings. Maddow, 36, quickly established a reputation as someone who could tackle issues with intelligence and irreverence. With her embrace of Twittering, podcasting and fan art, she appeals to a younger, hipper audience. Her Web site is even designed like an iPod, with a "playlist." She also has a regular show on Air America, the liberal radio station."
Rachel is one of three out lesbians on the list, Ellen at number 4, and Suze Orman at number 18. In celebration, here is Rachel in media influencing mode:


  1. one of my favorite pics of her. oh pundit, how i love thee...