Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Which We Circle The Watercooler

In other words, screw the tough stuff, let's dish. First, Lars Ulrich AND Rachel Maddow? My joy was nearly transcendent. I would have completely left my body had it been Magnolia Electric Co. But that is neither here nor there. However, did it not look like someone had photoshopped Lars' head onto someone half his size? If he hadn't moved, proving my hypothesis incorrect, I would have bet the farm on it. Well, my iPod anyway.

And speaking of size, please tell me this is just an illusion of perspective. I know Rachel's tall, but no one ever mentioned that Lars Ulrich was only 4'10".

So hypothesis number two on the night: Rachel's NYC hair and make-up person/s do not travel with her. Even at the best of times, there is a great variability in her appearance. Day 1-dark brown hair, distinctive-ish part in hair, medium colored and very glossy lip stuff. Day 2-auburnish hair, big cowlick visible in front of hair, and barely visible lip stuff. But when TRMS airs from afar, she kinda looks like somebody else. Like tonight. Who was that woman with the mauvish lip gunk and "almost Maddowish" hair. Maddow, yet not Maddow. Weird.

I am no expert in these things. When Little Conch wanted to learn about make-up, her other mom and I looked at each other, shrugged, and recommended she call her aunt. My only run in with make-up (see? i don't even know if it's hyphenated!) was way back in my drummer days, when other members of the band would slather some shit on my face before we went on stage. I suspect this is not unlike Rachel's experience, although she's probably mature enough to sit still. "Just, quick, get it on me, get it over with." "Ok, now, get it off. I said get it off!" I am projecting my own panicky tone onto the Maddow, but in my world, that's how she rolls. And, I do know what's it like to have, quoting Rachel, "unruly hair." So I can imagine it can be difficult to wrangle her hair each night into something that looks similar to the night before. But look! Devil horns!

DorkFactor of above: 3.4. Without grimace? 2.6


  1. Thanks, Maria! You're funny and I needed to laugh!

  2. Angie Howse-WillardApril 28, 2009 at 10:21 AM

    Hey Maria!

    Diid you see Rachel on the View? About 5 minutes in, she talks about the make-up thing.


  3. No Ang, somehow I missed that one. I knew about it, but The View ladies interrupt so much I can't bear to watch it. I will check it out. I think I heard her say something about the makeup recently, but I can't remember where. Some nights, when she's heavily made up, I actually feel sorry for her. Being a self-proclaimed butch, it must be killing her.