Thursday, April 16, 2009

In Which Jay Bybee Sucks Today Even More Than He Did Yesterday - Which Was A Lot

I spent most of TRMS today seething and spluttering, like we all do most nights. On the occasion of the release of the most inflammatory of the torture memos, Rachel and Jonathan Turley single out the opinion written by Jay Bybee in particular. So, in an impotent gesture of rage, I am going to continue the thrashing of one Judge Jay Bybee tonight.

Bybee graduated from BYU and the BYU Law School. You mean to say that Brigham Young University produced a conservate, right wing Bushie? Quel surprise. He has taught at both LSU and UNLV, where his areas of expertise are listed as: civil procedure, CONSTITUTIONAL LAW!, and Federal courts. "Ok class, quiet down! I have to say, that grading these tests of yours was excruciating! Absolutely agonizing! At times I thought I would die! It was, however, not tortuous, as you did not intend to cause me harm with your poorly written exams." He was appointed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit by GWB, and was confirmed in 2003.

Slate published an awesome article, "Impeach Judge Jay Bybee," written by Bruce Ackerman, in January 2009. Ackerman, a professor at Yale, writes that Bybee has his judgeship only through fortuitous timing (and of course, his excellent connections). The article uses William Haynes, former Defense Department counsel, as an example of what Congress did to Bush judgeship nominees with connections to torture after the torture memos were made public. After a great hue and cry from Democrats, Haynes removed his name from consideration.

MSNBC reported today that Spain has decided not to prosecute the "Bush Six," two of whom were Bybee and Haynes. Part of me is disappointed, but I would really rather see us prosecute our own war criminals, rather than have another country take out our trash. How do we have any credibility in the world with these crimes unpunished?

Consider signing the ACLU's petition to AG Holder, and maybe drop a few bucks on them too. You, like The Maddow, can be a card carrying member.

And just for the pure joy of it, below, at about the 1:20 mark, watch Rachel take Sen. Burr to the woodshed again. Seriously, he just needs to shut up and hope she doesn't notice him. If she spoke to me like that, wielding her Pen of Emphasis, I would probably pee myself.

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  1. Well, I guess that's that. In which Ms. Maddow puts the smack-down on Senator Burr. I think the take-home message for Congress is a good one: Check your facts!!

  2. Man, ya gotta love the girl for standing right up to the right-wing intimidation machine, huh? I was writhing right along with you, Girl. That whole idea that now Bybee is a federal judge, a lifetime appointment, is criminal in itself. Great post. You'll need to tell me how to imbed clips some time when you have a minute! Great post! You still got it! ;)