Monday, April 13, 2009

In Which I Unearth An Awesome Navy SEAL Childhood Memory

My dad was a Navy officer in Key West when I was a kid. There was a sculpture on the base, in front of one of the buildings, of a Navy SEAL riding a shark. I did not make it up! I sort of thought I had, until tonight. After Rachel referenced the amazing feats of the Navy SEALS this weekend, I decided to go on a Google hunt, and voila!
How awesome is that?

So as I ease myself back into the blogging routine after my horrible week, (see below) I am avoiding discussions of war, illegally detained suspected terrorists, and anything else depressing or scary. I can't add anything of note to the hilarity that is the "teabagging" conservative fiasco. Thursday's Ana Marie Cox "interview" is perfection itself, and cannot be improved upon. How brilliant was AMC, completely deadpanned, asking, "Who doesn't want to teabag John McCain?" OMG. It came at a time when I needed a laugh so badly. I must have watched it a dozen times. Our girl Rachel however, not so deadpanned, which was a joy unto itself.

And then there's this:

If, Rachel is a "cross-dressing lesbian," I guess she's a cross-cross dressing lesbian when she's dressed for the tv machine. Or, in other words, she's in drag.

So my contribution to the blogging world tonight? "Go Navy!" Or as my dad's ubiquitous bumper stickers said , "Fly Navy!"

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  1. Great post, C. I had a blast watching the "teabagging" interview with RM and AMC. As a fellow Navy brat, I, too, took some pride in that kick-ass 3 for 3 shot they made. We had that Fly Navy sticker on the VW van, too, by the way, thought I could never figure out why, since my dad was never on a carrier or a the drag comments, too. I was just blogging about the rescue as well, and wondering aloud re: whether our Navy should be serving to protect the merchant lines or if the merchant lines should provide their own security...whaddya think? Swing by and throw your two cents in if you get a chance. Great post - took me right back!