Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Requiescat in Pace, Senator Ted Kennedy

Although we all knew it was coming, I have to say that Ted Kennedy's death hit me hard. If I was doing word association, and someone said, "senator," I would answer, "Ted Kennedy." First elected in 1962, (!) he is the symbol of the Senate to me, and has been since I was a kid, even though I lived in Florida. He's one of the reasons I became a Democrat in a house of Republicans. I don't know enough about legislative history to completely understand his contribution, I understand it is considered unparalleled by some. Melissa Harris Lacewell wrote this tweet today: harrislacewell Passage of real #HCR would be significant tribute to Sen Kennedy.He fought to extend health care throughout his career. I would love to see that happen. A fitting testimony indeed.

Please share your thoughts about The Lion.


  1. It's hitting us all pretty hard.... like; how dare the sun shine today. Agree that passing HCR is vital ... now more than ever.

  2. Here in SW Michigan it is raining really hard. Seems completely appropriate.

  3. The Latin is a beautiful goodbye for a good Irish Catholic, CEP. I was raised in a family where the Pope's picture was on one side of my grandmother's bed and JFK was on the other, side by side. Thanks for this tribute. Well done.