Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In Which I Ease Back Into It

Hi! Remember me? Anyone still here? I am moved, out of town guests are gone, and I am back.

I am ignoring the health care reform debacle and accompanying death threats tonight because I was sent into such a rage earlier I fear a brain aneurysm should I try to discuss it here. Instead: Look! Funny!

How did those idiots not know Hawking is British? Because his computer generated voice doesn't have a British accent? How did we win The Revolution again? Oh, yeah, back then, we weren't stupid. So embarrassing. Hilarious, but embarrassing.

So you guys know those ads that run during TRMS? Am I the only one here who didn't know what this is? "When divorce is not an option." Huh? What the hell does that mean? Oh.

"Life is short. Have an affair?" Come on MSNBC. Don't embarrass The Maddow like that.

ETA: Did any of you see Lawrence O'Donnell, sitting in for Chris Matthews on Hardball, eviscerate this woman regarding her attack on Arlen Spector at a town hall meeting?

More Yankee pride!


  1. these town hall meeting outburts make my head hurt :P

  2. Hi!

    The healthcare shouting matches are immensely frustrating, but Rachel's been doing a great job with the corporate interest angle and getting gloriously fired up in the process.

    And now she's going to be on "Meet the Press" facing off with Dick Armey, about whom she's been talking smack all month! Fun times.

    Does anybody else get really nervous and full of adrenaline when she's about to debate a right-wing opponent? Because I totally do - sweaty palms and everything.

  3. Hey, welcome back! Glad you're settled into your new digs, 'cuz your voice was missed, Girl! That O'Donnell clip was priceless! I have a whole new-found respect for the man. Everything this woman said supported the argument for health care!

    Cannot wait for MTP! It's gonna be a blast. Armey must be pretty pissed off now that Rache blew his cushy lobbyist's job by exposing him. Yep, the sparks will fly!

    Welcome back, and great post, Girlfriend! You were missed!

  4. I get nervous too. I'm glad I'm not the only dork out here. Oh, wait a minute, we're ALL dorks here. :) I know, O'Donnell just chewed that poor woman up. I am adding my voice to the call for him to get his own show. I'll head over to MP soon, my blogger friend. You've been busy!

  5. Is she the new Josephine the Plumber?