Friday, October 9, 2009

In Which My Maternal Side Takes Over The Keyboard

I share Rachel's obvious delight in smart girls. She geeked over the spelling bee champ:

And, last night, Caroline Moore, that wicked smart young lady who discovered a supernova, was back on to discuss the moon bombing with Rachel:

There are so many reasons to love this clip. First of all: bombing the moon! Awesome! (Although less awesome when it actually happened this morning) Secondly: Rachel's affection for geeky girls, no doubt because she was one. Thirdly, and the best reason, is Caroline herself: funny, adorkable, poised, articulate, her parents must be so proud.

As the parent of a young woman myself, there is a special place in my heart for girls who, despite societal pressures, are just themselves. In Caroline's case, she seems to revel in her geekiness, she is enthusiastic at an age when sullenness is all the rage, and she offers no apologies for her smarty-pants status.

And how many guests on TRMS are awkward, ill at ease, ramble on, and are looking everywhere but where they should be? (very distracting, Sarah Vowell) But here comes the delightful 15 year old Caroline, who acts as though she's been on national tv all her life. This kid's gonna do something good, people. You can just tell.


  1. Oh, god, I know. Every time Rachel puts a brainy girl in the spotlight like this, I want to give them both a hug. She's the perfect antedote to most of the other "role models" we've got, who seem to say that being smart and successful is all well and good, but you have to be conventionally sexy above all else.

  2. Two thumbs up for Caroline, who manages to be an ambassador for teen geek chic all while still being totally a kid. And of course props to Rachel for putting a smarty pants young girl on TV as a "amateur teen astronomy Czar." Very cool. Way to be a role model, Rachel.

  3. Speaking of smarty pants young women, Little Conch is in Wash. D.C. this weekend at the Equality March, presenting something at some conference sponsored by The Advocate. Not being coy; LC has always been a little foggy on detail. Apparently, Univ. of Mich is one of the top 10 schools in the country for LGBT students, and she's speaking about organizing LGBTQ...umm...organizations, for lack of a less circular explanation. (Where's that Roget's when I need it?) Go, Baby Girl!

    P.S. And she has a cold. As her mommy, that's what's really of importance to me tonight. Poor baby.

  4. You must be a very proud momma, CEP! Good job growing a smart and outspoken girl! LC's gig sounds great! And what a trouper - hope she's feeling better soon. Be sure to update us on how it went!

    Funny you should post on this - The Hubby and I were just talking about the Vowell interview. Book sounds fascinating, but the lack of eye contact was, as you noted, a bit distracting! Nonetheless, it's another reason we love Rachel's show: highlighting smart people who are the experts in their fields.

    As a...okay, I was going to say former geeky girl, but I'm really just a grown-up one a wonky nerd who has a smart and delightful girl and a whipsmart little guy, too, I am delighted that Rachel has on kids who are spelling bee champs and astronomy wizards. Imagine if smart had been showcased as cool when we were kids! So glad Rachel recognizes the value of intelligence and well-spoken folks on national television - yet another reason we in the Politico household think she rocks!

    Hope your girl's feeling better. And again, kudos on raising a smart, terrific kid!