Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In Which We Get Two for One

After last night's heavy lifting re: the death penalty, we are going to my happy place: pretty ladies. We have the Maddow, but also, very happily, we have Air America WH correspondent, avid tweeter, and all around good sport Ana Marie Cox.

Anyone who follows her Twitter account @anamariecox knows her as bringer of funny and designer of drinking games. To anyone who doesn't follow her on Twitter: Why?

So Ana Marie and Rachel yak good-naturedly about grumpy old men with capital Rs after their names. Ana Marie is for, Rachel against. And something about some press conference earlier. (During press conference--me: Look! It's the back of Ana Marie's head! That is so cool! bff: Who? me: You are dead to me.)

Speaking of Twitter, Rachel tweeted today regarding a near miss in wardrobe choice: "Came close to wearing a bizarre superman-color-scheme outfit on Mr. Fallon's show -- averted at last minute by fortuitous glance in mirror."

Bloopers from Fallon:

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  1. The bloopers were hilarious but I couldn't view the first video for whatever reason.